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Vidz For Kidz Program

The Films

Seven films were created by seven children with Video Cameras at the Muscular Dystrophy Camp Orange, CA .

1. "Ashley's Big Dreams"
Film by: Ashley &
Mentor - Niva Dorell-Smith

2." Brett: 65mph"
Film by: Brett &
Mentor - Cathryn de Prume

3. "Jose The Transformer"
Film by: Jose &
Mentor - Michael Phillip Edwards

4. "A Moment Like Marilyn"
Film by: Marilyn &
Mentor - Marshall McCabe

Vidz For Kidz Videos

Muscular Dystrophy Camp Orange, CA

MAFF MDA Documentary

8. MAFF MDA Documentary
Film by Ed Broaddus


The Films
5. "Andrew and His Angel Dads"
Film by: Andrew &
Mentor - Treva Etienne

6. "Dennis "The Tornado" Menace"
Film by: Dennis &
Mentor - Tamika Lamison

7." Maia's World"
Film by: Maia &
Mentor - Hanelle Culpepper

8." MAFF MDA Documentary"
Film by: Ed Broaddus