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Vidz For Kidz Program

The Films

Seven films were created by seven children with Video Cameras at the Muscular Dystrophy Camp Orange, CA .

1. "Ashley's Big Dreams"
Film by: Ashley &
Mentor - Niva Dorell-Smith

2." Brett: 65mph"
Film by: Brett &
Mentor - Cathryn de Prume

3. "Jose The Transformer"
Film by: Jose &
Mentor - Michael Phillip Edwards

4. "A Moment Like Marilyn"
Film by: Marilyn &
Mentor - Marshall McCabe

Vidz For Kidz Videos

Muscular Dystrophy Camp Orange, CA


5. Andrew and His Angel Dads
Film by Andrew & Mentor - Treva Etienne


The Films
5. "Andrew and His Angel Dads"
Film by: Andrew &
Mentor - Treva Etienne

6. "Dennis "The Tornado" Menace"
Film by: Dennis &
Mentor - Tamika Lamison

7." Maia's World"
Film by: Maia &
Mentor - Hanelle Culpepper

8." MAFF MDA Documentary"
Film by: Ed Broaddus