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Flip Video Program

The Films
Six films were created by six children with Flip Video Cameras at the Loma Linda University Children's Hospital.

1. "Finding Ian"
Directed by Ian
Mentored by Lee Davis

"Where do we find the answer to little Ian's medical condition?"

2. "Roly-Poly Rayne Bird"
Directed by Jamie
Mentored by Tamika Lamison

"Roly-Poly bugs and how this little bird got to Rayne."

3." Rock Star Robert"
Directed by Robert
Mentored by Christopher Pearson

"He's a Rock Star!"  NDR=No Description Required
Flip Videos
Thanks Cisco

CISCO donated 5 Flip Video Cameras for MAKE A FILM FOUNDATION's Inaugural 'Flip Video Program' at the Loma Linda Children's Hospital!

The participants wanted to send a special thank you to CISCO for their generosity and support so MAFF invited one of it's volunteer student filmmakers, Erik Arellano, known for his fast and fabulous editing skills, to put together a Promo/Thank You for Cisco.

The Films
4.  "Kelsey's Dream"
Directed by Kelsey
Mentored by Michael Phillip Edwards

"A shared dream in the clouds...and a star is born."

5. "Gael's Big Heart"
Directed by Gael
Mentored by Miles Feld Orion

"A heart transplanted - a boy uplifted."

6. "Princess Christina"
Directed by Christina
Mentored by Christopher Pearson

"Stand aside Barbie...when Christina's in town, SHE wears the Crown!" 

The children's medical conditions include Leukemia, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart transplant and Stroke.