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Vidz For Kidz Project
FILM FOUNDATION recently embarked on a new endeavor - the 'Vidz For Kidz Program' .  The 'Vidz For Kidz Program' gives children with serious or life-threatening medical conditions the opportunity to create short documentaries about their lives and illnesses with the help of film industry mentors and 'Flip Video Cameras!'

CoachArt V4K Films
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Loma Linda V4K Films
Six films were created by six children with Flip Video Cameras at the Loma Linda University Children's Hospital.

1. "Finding Ian"

2. "Roly-Poly Rayne Bird"

3." Rock Star Robert"

4.  "Kelsey's Dream"

5. "Gael's Big Heart"

6. "Princess Christina"

The children's medical conditions include Leukemia, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart transplant and Stroke.

MDA V4K Films
Seven films were created by seven children with Video Cameras at the Muscular Dystrophy Camp Orange, CA .

1. "Ashley's Big Dreams"

2." Brett: 65mph"

3. "Jose The Transformer"

4. "A Moment Like Marilyn"

5. "Andrew and His Angel Dads"

6. "Dennis "The Tornado" Menace"

7." Maia's World"

8." MAFF MDA Documentary"

In our 'Vidz 4 Kidz' program, we go into various hospitals and facilities, teaming the children with hand-held video cameras and Film mentors who help them to create 'mini-movies' about their lives and their challenges.

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