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The Films

These films were created by twelve children with Video Cameras with CoachArt at LACMA

"Maytal: Don't Stop Believing"
Team 1
Participant: Maytal
Mentors: Steve Minor &
Tarina Pouncy,
Assistant: Amro Salama

"Samantha's Lucky Star"
Team 2
Participant: Samantha
Mentors: Katie York &
Marshall McCabe

"Jenny's Joyful Journey"
Team 3
Participant: Jenny & Sister Sophie
Mentor: Jen Sharp

"Signs of Carlos"
Team 4
Participant: Carlos
Mentor: Cicero Salmon
Assistant: Wendy Shapero

Team 5
Participant: Mario
Mentors: Michael Phillip Edwards
Assistant: Eboni Carter Willis
& Jabril Muhammad

Vidz For Kidz Videos

CoachArt Camp 3

CoachArt3: Behind The Scenes

"CoachArt3: Behind The Scenes"
Editor: Ed Broaddus


Behind the scenes
"CoachArt3: Behind The Scenes"
Film by: Ed Broaddus

The Films

"Chef Connor: All About Too Much"
Team 6
Participant: Connor
Mentors: Bankole &
Jason Paul Field

"Myracle's Movie Masterpiece"
Team 7
Participant: Myracle
Mentors: Miles Orion
Assistants: Diarra Kilpatrick, Adele Rene, Jacob

"Leslie On The Move"
Team 8
Participant: Leslie
Mentor: Andrew Piccone, Diahanna Baxter
Assistant: Natasha Dixon

"Detective Emmely"
Team 9
Participant: Emmely
Mentor: Thalia Buitron
& Rodney Charles