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The Films
These films were created by twelve children with Video Cameras with CoachArt at LACMA

1. "You'll Never Find a Girl Like Heidi"
Film by: Heidi Jauregui
Mentors: Marc Forster,
Amon Mahmud,
Renee' Chabria &
Tamika Lamison

2." Stand-up Mike"
Film by: Michael Locke
Mentor: Chad Coleman
Assistants: Leslie Abbott
& Jean Elie

3. "Jessica: Veterinary Action Star"
Film by: Jessica
Mentors: Marshall McCabe &
Katie York

4. "It Can't Touch Holly"
Film by: Holly Green
Mentor: Jennifer Sharp
Assistant: Chris Oesteritz

5. "Marques: Be Who You Are"
Film by: Marques Briseno
Mentor: Erin Buckley
Assistant: Tarina Pouncy

6. "Briana's Fairy Tale"
Film by: Briana Ayestas
Mentor: Michael Phillip Edwards
Assistant: Gaby Borromeo

Vidz For Kidz Videos

CoachArt 2: Lacma

Behind The scenes

"M.A.F.F. & CoachArt2: LACMA Behind The Scenes"
Film by: Daniel Milder


Behind the scenes

The Films
7." Vernell's Paradise"
Film by: Vernell Brown
Mentor: Ben McCrea
Assistants: Natasha Dixon

8."Womb-Mates Janae & Jantae"
Film by:
Janae & Jantae Marcado
Mentors: Thalia Buitron & Michael Haileen

9."Gabe's Goin' With The Flow"
Film by: Gabriel & Cameron Douglas
Mentor: Miles Orion
Assistant: Sagar Parekh

10."Delia: Dancing Queen"
Film by: Delia Rojas
Mentor: Niva Dorell
Assistant: Ryan Rene

11." The Wonderful Mystery of Emaad"
Film by: Emaad Elhardouzi
Mobolaji Olambiwonnu
Tatiana Booker-Dryer

12."Alberto Never Gives Up"
Film by:
Alberto Mancarella
Mentor: Craig Ross Jr.
Assistant: Adele Rene