A Non-Profit Organization

"MAFFCoachArt Documentary"
Film by: Ed Broaddus

The Films

Ten films were created by seven children with Video Cameras with CoachArt

1. "Sophia's Climb"
Film by: Sophia &
Mentor - Niva Dorell-Smith

Assistant - Mike Cersosimo

2." Gigi's World"
Film by: Gigi &
Mentor: Chad Coleman

Assistant: Camille Tucker

3. "Mikayla"
Film by: Mikayla &
Mentor -Jennifer Sharp

Assistant -Wendy Shapero

4. "Officer Tyler"
Film by: Tyler &
Mentor - Michael Phillip Edwards

Assistant - Mark Bendeck

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6. Fortunate Cookie
Film by: Michael & Mentor - Mike Hallen and Thalia Buitron

The Films

5. "Michael"
Film by: Michael &
Mentor -Mike Hallen and Thalia Buitron

6. "Fortunate Cookie"
Film by: Madyson &
Mentor -Marshall CcCabe

7." Someone Like India"
Film by: India &
Mentor - Tamika Lamsion

Assistants - Regina Jennings

Diarra Kilpatrick

8."Yes Matt Can"
Film by: Matt &
Mentor - Jason Paul Field

Assistants - Mark Bendeck

9." Lights, Camera, BrendDen!"
Film by: BrendDen &
Mentor - Miles Orion

10."The Fire in Delilah"
Film by: Delilah &
Mentor - Alicia Coppola

Assistants - Brittney Sherman

Diarra Kilpatrick