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Rina's Project

Rina’s original log line:
Two best friends, their cheese obsessed dog, a mysterious bracelet linked to a life threatening illness that will change their lives forever.

Mini-Synopsis of the feature, spec script:
The movie is about a bracelet with a mysterious past and mystical powers that link two teenagers, best friends -one with a cheese obsessed dog and the other with a life threatening illness - and their families.  The movie is targeted to tweens, young teens and their families. The underlying messages are always to love life, maintain a B+ attitude and remember to laugh and smile.

Info on Mito:
Mitochondrial diseases result when there is a defect that reduces the ability of the mitochondria to produce energy. As the mitochondria fails to produce enough energy, the cell will not function properly and if this continues, cell death will eventually follow. Organ systems will begin to fail and the life of the individual is compromised, changed or ended. Imagine a major city with half its power plants shut down. At least, such conditions would produce a “brown out” with large sections of the city working far below optimum efficiency. Now imagine your body working with one-half of its energy-producing facilities shut down. The brain may be impaired, vision may be dim, muscles may twitch or may be too weak to allow your body to walk or write, your heart or lungs may be weakened, and you may not be able to eat and digest your food. You may experience autonomic dysfunction, which causes difficulties regulating heart rate, blood pressure, heat/cold intolerance and function of the intestines and bladder. For large numbers of people, especially children, this is precisely the situation in which they find themselves due to defects in the mitochondria-organelles found in almost every cell of the body, which are responsible for the body's energy production. Mitochondrial diseases compromise their lives and can be fatal.

Rina 02

About Rina:

Rina was a 15-year-old filmmaker who dreamed of her movie being on the big screen. She envisioned the premiere, who would be on the invite list and how it would all play out.  Despite having advanced stage mitochondrial disease, she never let the disease define who she was. She saw the good in each day and knew what was truly important. She used writing this script as an outlet for her creative process and a way to distract from the intense medical challenges she faced daily. Music was also the way in which her soul spoke. She wanted to produce, direct and write this movie to teach the world about friendship and 3 big messages; “Dream Big, Love life and Be positive.” She intended to educate the world about this disease in hopes of treatment or a cure.  Rina kindly, but with a zest for life, never took “No” for an answer when it came to her movie. She will always be in the director’s chair. Anyone who would take on the mission of putting together her creative work into a short and documentary would be guided, each step of the way, by her huge spirit and presence.  Even when Rina did not have the physical strength to speak, she always had a voice.  To learn more about Rina’s vision visit