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Members Of The Board
Tamika Lamison

Tamika Lamison(Filmmaker/Actor)
Tamika is a Virginia native who graduated from The American University with a BA in Performing Arts after switching her major from Journalism. She then went on tour and moved to NY where she made her living as an actor. While living in New York she wrote her first screenplay, "The Jar By the Door" which was a Sundance Finalist and won several awards including the Gordon Parks Indie Film Award and 10k. She then attended the New York Film Academy to learn filmmaking.

After expanding her filmmaking knowledge she moved to Los Angeles and won several Fellowships and Awards in Writing and Directing including the ABC/Walt Disney Fellowship in Screenwriting, The Guy Hanks and Marvin Miller (Cosby) Fellowship, the CBS Director's Initiative and AFI's Directing Workshop for Women Fellowship in which she wrote, directed and produced the multi-award-winning short film, "HOPE" which currently airs on cable network BETJ. BET had such faith in her skills as a filmmaker that they employed her as camera operator and Director on the reality TV show COLLEGE HILL. Tamika also co-produced the award-winning short film, "THE MALE GROUPIE" which currently airs on HBO and is in post production for the short film SPIN which she was hired to direct and co-produce.

Tamika's interest in serving the youth community through filmmaking was initially sparked when she was asked to be a Mentor and documentarian for 'at risk' youth who were rewarded for meeting their goals in improving their community with a weekend excursion to Mammoth where they saw snow for the first time. Shortly thereafter she agreed to mentor students at Inner City Filmmakers in Writing and Production where she helped high school graduates learn every aspect of film as they created their own 5 minutes film shorts. Tamika's commitment to service is evidenced in the many organizations to which she devotes her time, talents and skills including: The Aids Marathon, Sacred Service Sunday at Agape, Little Legs/Big Hearts-kids for Sickle Cell, Animal Shelters and Inner City Filmmakers.

The Make A Film Foundation is a vision inspired by, Inner City Filmmakers and The Make A Wish Foundation.two organizations that continue to uplift, motivate and create. Tamika's passion for this project continues to blossom every step of the way.