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Our goal is to ensure that we will be able to fulfill the particulars of each participants vision. Your generosity can make that happen. To help ensure that their film is a success, click on the donation button below and give with your heart.


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Members Of The Board
Maria Spata - Board Chair

Maria SpataFounder/CEO - Freedom Shout
Managing Partner - Femacoustica Ltd
Chairman of the Board – Make A Film Foundation

It is one thing to write a straightforward biography that details one's skill set as Founder/CEO. It is another thing to write a biography that truly encompasses the depth and passion for a mission so big as freedom for all.

In Freedom Shout, I have envisioned a reality, beyond dreams, that each and every human being can be free from fear. I believe that we are each endowed from birth with the absolute right to dignity, justice and a fair society. Perhaps, it is a lofty dream, but always rooted in the knowledge that most of us share a desire for freedom on many levels, and our compassionate nature aches for unity and true common ground.

For the past 15 years, as an independent contractor in the financial sector, with my main focus consulting on software for market data delivery systems, I have developed relationships in both the public and private sectors, most notably in the financial and entertainment industries. I am also a Managing Partner of an independent record label and a Board Chairman for a not for profit film organization. These friendships and connections, along with my involvement with a number of freedom organizations, have been a valuable asset in helping to form the foundation for Freedom Shout.

Music is the universal bridge that speaks to all humanity. It is the calmness we rest our heads on in weary times. Music is the essential and natural ingredient for expressing the mission of Freedom Shout./div>