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Our goal is to ensure that we will be able to fulfill the particulars of each participants vision. Your generosity can make that happen. To help ensure that their film is a success, click on the donation button below and give with your heart.


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Members Of The Board
Michelle Lamison

Michelle Lamison(Producer, Marketing/Advertising--People Magazine)
Michelle, a graduate of St. Mary's College in Notre Dame, Indiana where she studied Economics and Japanese, has a passion for both working with children and the dramatic arts. A co-founder and board member of New York City's, BlackBird Theatre Company, she helped institute and teach a community outreach drama program for, "at risk" kid's in Harlem, New York. She's also volunteered with the East Harlem Tutorial Program for several years as a tutor for elementary school children.

For the past 10 years, Michelle has worked at Time Inc. in various positions. Her most recent, and current, role is Director of Integrated Marketing at People magazine in New York City where she oversees marketing programs and promotions for multiple advertising categories and participates in the strategic development of the publishing side of the magazine. Prior to People, Michelle was the Director of Sales Marketing at and the Sales Development Director at Life magazine. Michelle has also served as a producer on several film projects including the award-winning feature "Following Bliss."

As a member of the Make a Film Foundation board, Michelle plans to utilize both her marketing experience and corporate relationships to help terminally ill children leave a legacy of creativity.