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Our goal is to ensure that we will be able to fulfill the particulars of each participants vision. Your generosity can make that happen. To help ensure that their film is a success, click on the donation button below and give with your heart.


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Members Of The Board
Dwayne Buggage

Dwayne Buggage(Financial Consultant/Entrepreneur)
Is a California native and is the President and CEO of the Invictus Group, Inc., which was founded in 2003. The Invictus Group owns and operates a gourmet sandwich shop and other investments. Dwayne is also a long time California State regulator with expertise in title, escrow and workers' compensation insurance. Dwayne has set up several corporations and consults on business and personal finance and taxation.

A nineteen year member of Alpha Phi Alpha, Dwayne has founded the Alpha Soul Connection, a business and social mixer that allows professionals to mingle and exchange ideas. Dwayne is also the President of Alpha's Baldwin Hills/Culver City chapter and Los Angeles District Committee Chair for mixers, and finance, program and promotion committee member. Dwayne is also a director of Alpha's Junior Gents program that mentors teens on educations, social and professional skills.

Finally, Dwayne is a patron of theatrical and film arts and has contributed to several projects. The Make a Film Foundation provides means for Dwayne to exercise his commitment to film and community service by providing business and financial guidance to the project. Dwayne believes the Make a Film Foundation will allow terminally ill children to leave a legacy displaying their talent, telling their stories and/or sharing their voices.