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Don D. Scott To Mentor

Don Scott 4Writer, Don D. Scott, known for penning the popular films, "Barbershop" and "Barbershop 2: Back in Business", has agreed to be a Writing mentor to Jabril Muhammad as Jabril writes his very first five minute movie script which will be filmed at the end of July.

Don met with Jabril to discuss Jabril's story idea, screenplay structure, and to share knowledge about his own process and path as a screenwriter.

Don was very impressed with Jabril's ideas and thoughts for his script. He said that now it was time to buckle down and get cracking on the actual writing. The idea has to now go from inside Jabril's head to the computer page. Jabril said he was a little intimidated by the thought of writing his very first script but was excited to get started as well.

Jabril was introduced to Final Draft, the screenwriting program used by most professional screenwriters. After spending 3 hours writing the first half of his script, Jabril was surprised at how much he'd written...and that the story was as good as he'd envisioned in his mind. After completing an entire first draft, Jabril sent his script to Don. Don gave some incredible notes and Jabril agreed with and implemented 90% of the notes. Jabril was very excited that the notes guided him through a re-write that elevated his script to an entirely new level.

With the help of Don and other writing mentors, Jabril has a script that he is very proud of. He is very anxious to see it go from script to screen.

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