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Deep Blue-Voice Over Session
(for Animation)

Ernie Hudson
Make A Film Foundation was delighted to travel to Kansas and conduct a Voice Over Session with Clay Beabout, his entire family and a few friends.

Clay was a pro. Not only was he great at his own Voice as The Boy, but he directed his family and friends in the 'group' scenarios and gave great notes.

Clay's father, Scott, voiced the character of Chief Tuna and found an Australian accent that fit the soul of the character pefectly and made Clay and his siblings laugh, hysterically.

His Mom Amy, as Mother Tuna already had the perfect Voice and was right on cue. And his sister Emma, brothers Sam & Wes and three friends had a blast as the alternately voiced the Lord Vater's evil minions-The Kuk Nuks and the Good Tuna's of Cheif Tuna's Army.

The session was a huge success.

Back in Los Angeles, Actor Ernie Hudson (Oz, Ghostbusters 1 & 2, The Hand that Rocks the Cradle) did a brilliant job as the Evil Lord Vater. He also graciously did a fitting for the beginnngs of what will eventually become the Costume for Lord Vater, which is being built by the Academy Award Winning FX Studio AI/Amalgamated (Aliens, Scooby Doo) who treated Clay to a special tour last summer.
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