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Clay Visits Pixar Studios
Writer's Guild Clay Beabout was honored with a special tour of the Academy Award Winning Animated Studio, PIXAR. He flew to San Francisco and was welcomed as Pixar's special guest and as part of it's team.
Host The tour was facilitated by Pixar's own, Dean of Pixar University- Randy Nelson.  Randy gave insight into why Pixar is such a special place to work and create.  He also gave Clay an opportunity to use his imagination and create a scenario from a Wall Painting.
Host He saw the Animators at work and a special screening which revealed Pixar's secret step by step process of creating brilliant animation.
Host He even got to travel as some of the Animator's at Pixar do- Via Scooter!
In addition to getting a special Gift (Swag) bag with lots of Pixar goodies and catching a photo OP with some of his favorite animated Pixar characters, Clay also got a chance to meet his idol and favorite director, John Lasseter (Cars).  John gave him a great piece of advice when making his film, 'Always, make sure to have fun!"  Clay will have no problem with that.
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