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We had to tell you about a new, non-profit organization called Make A Film Foundation (MAFF). It pairs young people diagnosed with critical or terminal illness with industry professionals who mentor and facilitate their vision as they create short film legacies. The goal of MAFF is to provide young people marginalized by illness with the tools, resources and guidance to reclaim the media and give them a voice.

MAFF just produced its first short, Put It In A Book directed by Emmy-nominated director Rodrigo Garcia (Nine Lives, Sopranos). Jabril Muhammad, who has Sickle Cell anemia, co-wrote with Don D. Scott (Barbershop, Barbershop 2) on a film inspired by his life. Muhammad will star in Put It In a Book. Actor Isaiah Washington is serving as his mentor/acting coach.

MAFF ( was founded in 2006 by filmmakers Tamika Lamison and Sarah Elgart. "[We] came together to build this foundation when we recognized that critically and terminally ill young people [21 years old and under] spend inordinate amounts of time watching TV and feeling marginalized," Lamison and Elgart tell The A-List. "We felt that we could create the opportunity to help these youth share their stories and visions on an amazing scale by teaming them with industry professionals." The pair put out the call for help, and Hollywood answered. "The response from Hollywood and the community in general has been overwhelmingly positive," says Lamison and Elgart. "Everyone who we have reached out to has been incredibly generous and gracious with their time. Many people have volunteered/offered their time and/or goods and services before we've even asked." Make A Film seems to making dreams come true.